MI Internet Speed Meter – How to Enable Internet Speed Meter In MI/Xiaomi

MI Internet Speed Meter – How to Enable Internet Speed Meter In MI/Xiaomi

You know today Internet become a part of our Life, Data / Internet Is an Important Part of our SmartPhone and Laptop as of now, Today Without the internet we can not do anything. whenever we need to find anything we need the Internet, we can use the internet to access a lot of information like Music, Video, Image, News, Games, Chatting, Email, Video Calling etc.

In this Post, I am going to telling you about MI Internet Speed Meter ie. How you can enable Internet Speed Meter in MI/Xiami. By enabling this you can check Your Internet Speed, ie. It will show you the Internet Speed on top of your smartphone.

As you know very well there is a lot of Apps available on the Google Play store to check Internet Speed but Xiaomi Device gives you this feature by default.

So now let’s start the Steps to involve for enabling this.


 ➡ Go to Settings ➡ Notification & Status Bar ➡  Show Connection Speed ➡ Enable 


 ➡ Step 1 – Open Your Home Screen & Find Setting Gear Icon


 ➡ Step 2 – After Find Setting Gear Icon, Click the Setting Gear Icon.


➡ Step 3 –  In the Setting Option Scroll Down and you will find notification& Status Bar & click the Notification & Status Bar Option.


➡ Step 4 – In Notification & Status Bar you will find Show Connection Speed Option, here you have to Turn On if you want to show MI Internet Speed Meter On Status Bar of Mobile.



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