How to use Whatapp on PC / how to use whatsapp on laptop

How to use Whatapp on PC / how to use whatsapp on laptop

As you all know, in today’s era, everyone has a mobile, whether or not it is WhatsApp, but WhatsApp is definitely installed.Most of the work is done by our mobile but some work comes in some laptops too, and  that time we are think that How good would be if WhatsApp Run in Laptop also than it would have been much easier to me. 


 ➡ Now Lets Start without wasting any time to reading history of whatsapp.


 ➡ Step – 1 : Open Your Browser In Laptop/Pc.

 ➡ Step – 2 : Type In Search box – or Click here Web Whatsapp


 ➡ Step – 3 : After Open This link you will see this below page.

 ➡ Step – 4 : Now Open Whatsapp in Your Mobille.

 ➡ Step – 5 : Navigate to Settings  and Click on WhatsApp Web/Desktop.

 ➡ Step – 6 : Now Follow Bellow Image Step’s to Connect Whatsapp in you Laptop/Pc.

           (1)                                              (2)                                 (3) 



➡ Step – 7 : Now You can See your Whatsapp will open in your laptop/Pc and show you any messages you already have on your phone. You can now close down the WhatsApp app on your phone and use it from your computer.

 ➡ Step – 8 : After Using Whatsapp in Laptop/Pc You have to logout your whatsapp, for this you have to follow this steps




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