How to pay online Electricity Bill in Uttar Pradesh

How to pay online Electricity Bill in Uttar Pradesh

Step 1 –  Firstly you have to open the website by using this link

Step 2Now you have to go for the Bill Payment Section.

Step 3Now you have to select Bill Payment (URBAN) or BILL Payment (RURAL) on the basis of where you live. If you live at URBAN area then select the BILL Payment (URBAN) & if you live at RURAL area then select the BILL Payment (RURAL).

                                            RURAL AREA – Gramin Area

                                            URBAN AREA – City Area
 ➡ Now we select the BILL Payment (RURAL).


 ➡ Now this page will open…

Step 4
Now click the link बिल भुगतान/बिल देखे.

This page will open…

Step 5Now you have to fill 12 Digit Account no.

(Which is provide in your Electricity Bill Copy or e-Bill Copy,You can easily collect your 12 digit a/c no. from your nearest electricity office.) After filling of 12 digit a/c no. , you have to do Image Verification.An image Captcha will show beside the image verification,You have to enter the code in the box which will show.


Step 6Now you have to click the SUBMIT Button.

➡  Now this page will open…

Step 7
If you want to view the bill or print the bill and view the receipt or print the receipt then click this button given below in image…


Step 8If you want to pay the bill then tick on Click here to pay Partial/Advance amount & after that fill your Mobile No. and E-mail ID in prefered box…

Step 9Now you can select any one of these…

➡  Tech Process Credit/Debit card/NetBanking
➡  Billdesk Credit/Debit card/NetBanking
➡  On My behlaf, you can select Billdesk Credit/Debit card/NetBanking

Step 10 – Now you have to click the Pay Now Button…

After Clicking Pay Now Button, Enter you Payment Details witch you will choose Like Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking Etc.


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