How to save Webpage as PDF in chrome

How to save a webpage as PDF in chrome

Hello, Friends Today I’m Going to telling you how you can save a webpage to PDF, Sometime when we are reading any website article and that article contain a lot of text, images, and graphics, and you want to save that webpage to PDF, Now in this article, I will be going to telling you full procedure how you can save webpage to pdf in easiest way.

 ➡ Step 1 – Firstly open Google Chrome.

Step 2 –
Here search the chrome web store in Search Box.

Step 3 –
Now click the 
Chrome Web Store – Extensions

Step 4 – Now You can see Chrome Web Store

Step 5 –
Now Search SAVE AS PDF  in this search box.


Step 6 – After Searching Save As PDF You can see Save As PDF Extension and here you have to click ion Add to Chrome

Step 7 – After Clicking Add to Chrome you can see blow popup and here Click ADD Extension.


Step 8 – After Clicking ADD Extension you can see blow popup SAVE AS PDF HAS BEEN ADDED TO CHROME. Now Save as PDFpdf Extensions has been successfully added in your chrome. & it will show in your chrome as like this.


Step 9 – Now if you want to download any web page in PDF FORMAT then you have to click on this ICON and web page will be download in  PDF FILE will.


Step 10 – After Download Webpage when you open your downloaded Webpage file in PDF you can see Downloaded file like this. 


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