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10 Free Video Conferencing Software to Use

The demand for free video conferencing software had never been so high as 2020. As the world faces lockdown, the search for free software for regular video conferencing shot up high.

Are you also searching for the best software for video conferencing for free?

Good news! We will provide the best solution for your search. We understand the value of free video conferencing and are will list down the top 10 software that offers this service for free to their users.

Why is free video-conferencing important in our life?

Free video conferencing software has proved to be beneficial for remotely located employees in different ways. The benefits of using this software are-

  • Connecting through video conferencing is 96% of the time beneficial for employees who are located at a distance from the office.
  • This saves 30% of the daily expenses an employee would have spent on traveling.
  • Communication is better with a video conference than a simple call or messaging service.
  • This a convenient service for both employees and employers.

Top 10 free video conferencing software for 2020:

We have listed the top 10 most popular and free software for video conferencing based on their features.

1. Zoom

free video conferencing software

Zoom is probably one of the most used software and application for video conferencing, webinars, and more.

Note the below highlights for this software to understand the reason behind the popularity-

  • The registration process and account set-up are very easy and time-saving when you need to attend a webinar.
  • Zoom allows 100 participants to interact in a video chat. 10,000 view-only attendees are also allowed simultaneously.
  • It offers special conference chambers, which are activated for collaboration.
  • The website host is very intuitive and simple.
  • All attendees can interact here.
  • This software allows you to record the conference sessions and get transcriptions automatically.
  • The software is created to pull reports on the number of attendees, their ineffectiveness, etc.
  • You can live broadcast from this app.
  • One can easily view the broadcast.
  • You can join the meeting anytime, anywhere, through any device.

Conference prices:

Free allowance: 40 minutes in case of group conferences

Pro charges: $14.99 in a month for 1 host

Business and enterprise account charges: 19.99 per host per month

2. Cisco

free video conferencing software

Cisco is the 2nd most popular software for video conferencing, known for WebEx, Telepresence, and Jabber applications. The features of the app make them ideal for group video conferencing and Webinars.

Feature highlights:

  • They have collaborated virtual rooms for meetings and conferences.
  • A smooth merger of video call-back and endpoint users is ensured in a roster view-point.
  • Various bandwidths of video qualities are available.
  • Smooth streaming and recording facility.
  • Meetings can be accessed from various devices.
  • Video sharing happens in both directions.
  • Connectivity and video calls can be easily secured.
  • You can input a customized address for video calls.
  • Cisco Webex Cloud accessibility is free

Video Pricing:

They have customized charges based on video usage.

3. Skype

Skype had been in use for business video calling purposes for many years now. But now Microsoft has decided to withdraw skype and introduce an alternative, Microsoft Teams in the market. The video calling services are great for official use.


  • Video calling is free for a group of 50 people at max.
  • The software allows the presentation of video recordings and PowerPoint slides while at a conference.
  • The full-screen recording of immersive videos is permissible.
  • You can adjust the focus on the microphone and speaker by blurring the video background.
  • The software is usable on any device like a phone, tablet, desktop, and even online without downloading it.
  • Programmers get an environment for live coding fo software.
  • You can schedule a video call or office meeting in the system.


Skype services are generally free for all customers. But if you have a large group to handle then custom prices are applicable.

4. RingCentral

Free video conferencing software

If you want a free portal for video conferencing and meetings, then Ring Central and is an ideal option for you.  With them, getting a chance to interact with your opponents smoothly.

highlights of the software:

  • You can host a group video with a maximum capacity of 100 participants.
  • Software is accessible from both mobiles and desktops.
  • Video quality is extremely good.
  • Group messaging in an office group.
  • You can use Google Drive and the Dropbox with the software for file sharing purposes.

Pricing involved:

The app or software is available in the market for free usage everywhere.

5. Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime, an AWS video conferencing facility, offers a completely managed platform for both video and audio calls.

Highlights of the app:

  • Enjoy engaging video conferencing experience with HD quality video.
  • Video meetings can be accessed from any device, be it a laptop, desktop, in-room video calling, or a mobile.
  • Controlling the app is easy.
  • You need to pay for the services you take. There is no monthly subscription policy.
  • Get Alexa support for joining any meeting.
  • The experience you have can be optimized.
  • App roster will allow you to check the meeting participants, the new joiners, and the ones who left.
  • Interaction over here happens through video tiles.
  • Recording a meeting is possible.


Basic Plan: Free for all users

Pro Chime Plan: $3 per day or $15 per month

6. Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing

Free video conferencing software

Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing presents the best software for video calls, meetings, web presentations, and other office work. If you are working from home, this is the easiest way to collaborate in business conferences. You can discuss different projects, explain others your thoughts over slides, or even write down notes on the system. It is the screen recording and conference session recording that makes the software so great. You can even download an app on your phone and access the meeting when you are traveling.

Some consider this as the best free app for video conferencing.


  • You can host a meeting.
  • Enjoy a team meeting or a 1:1 session.
  • The privacy policy complies with that of Office 365
  • You can share contents and contexts
  • Have a good grip on AI for assistance on the system
  • The quality of both audio and video are high
  • You can share the screen with your colleague
  • Team meeting details can be shared over Microsoft Teams Room Devices
  • The software saves recordings of old meeting sessions, which can be accessed easily by the user
  • External guests can be invited to the platform.


Basic app: The basic application can be downloaded and used for free in mobiles

Essential Plan for Office 365 Business: INR 125 per user per month

Office 365 Business Application: INR 545 per user per month

Premium Plan for Office 365 Business: INR 660 per user per month

7. Slack Video Conferencing

Slack Video Conferencing

Slack video conferencing software helps the user to share all meetings and work contents faster and more efficient manner. This software is relatively less used in India. Otherwise, if you are searching for a free option for office video calls, this is the fastest one for you.


  • You are allowed to share a screen with your colleagues while the conference is on.
  • It doesn’t always have to be a team meeting. You can share content on 1:1 basis too.
  • Starting a video conference is smooth and fast.
  • The wait time for joining a meeting is very low.
  • If you are moving or traveling somewhere, you can join meetings from your phone.
  • Annotations are visible on your screen.


Standard Slack User Plan: One-time payment of $6.67

Plus Slack User Plan: One-time payment of $12.50

8. Fuze

Free video conferencing software

The world is working from home now. But, does this mean you are out-of-touch from office? Fuze, as a video conferencing software, ensures that you never can be out-of-office, but never out-of-touch from office.

This is a software for business or enterprise-grade video conferencing, with dynamic features for screen and content sharing. With Fuze, you can have up to 1,000 active participants in the meeting sessions.


  • Offers a meeting platform  up to 1,000 participants
  • Screen sharing and content sharing is dynamic here
  • Users have a consistent experience
  • HD VoIP is of World standards
  • Dial-in access can be shared globally
  • Slack allows you to schedule your meetings on the Slack calendar or Microsoft calendar or Google calendar
  • Both Dual or Single HD monitors can be configured
  • You can use the platform to share images, to-do works, or documents


The software is completely free for basic use. If you have some special requirements, it will be customized for the company and charged accordingly.

9. Highfive: Video Conferencing- Meetings Reimagined


Fast Companies have awarded Highfive as one of the best companies for great innovations. If you want an extravagant experience in video conferencing, that also for free, then Highfive is the software to download in your system. The demand for this software is slowly increasing in the market. Owing to all the awards they gained, they truly remain is one of the best software in the market.


  • You can enjoy an unlimited number of meeting in the software.
  • There are no limitations on the duration of each meeting.
  • You don’t even need to download the software for your use. The software can be accessed from the browser and the online version works just fine.
  • There is a single signing-in process. You can sign-in with Active Directory, G Suite, or even Okta.
  • Joining a meeting doesn’t require you to add in any password or joining pin code.
  • Meeting URLs are simple.
  • The audio of the meeting is powered with Doly-voice.
  • You get a whiteboard-view on the starting page.
  • Framing the scene happens with AI.
  • The security of the user is based out of the domain
  • This software or application can be accessed from various devices like Mac, Android, iOS, PC, or even a website.
  • You can have an unlimited amount of dial-ins.
  • The software is well integrated with both Google and the Outlook Calendar.
  • There is a solid integration with Skype and Slack.


Standard usage: Free of cost

Select Usage: $199 per office room per month, with annual billing

Plus usage: $299 per office room per month, with annual billing

Premium Usage: $599 per office room per month with annual billing

10. Blue Jeans:

Blue Jeans

BlueJeans is a video conferencing software that is meant to aid the businesses by providing easy access to the conference, or host a meeting, or even join a meeting from a remote location. If you are a host and you are operating from a remote area instead of your office, it will still be an easy job for you.

The virtual meeting over here is exceptionally good with HD quality video and Doly-voice audio.


  • The software and mobile app are supported by an internal intelligence system that captures all the key points from a discussion.
  • The HD quality video is immersive.
  • Meeting audios setting is done in Doly-voice for better effect.
  • Ther is an auto-cancellation of any background noise.
  • You can replay the highlights of the meeting you had and listen to.
  • If you want to follow-up after meeting, you can prioritize the points.
  • The software maintains is compatible with the in-roo system.
  • This software is well integrated with Slack, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Workplace, etc. video conferencing options.
  • Sharing your screen with your colleague is very easy.
  • Get cloud video recording, followed by streaming options.
  • The software comes with smart control technology for the users.
  • BlueJeans is agnostic about different devices.


Employee Usage: Free for employees

Personal Plans: The host is charged INR 1,173.88/- per month

Team Plans: Each host is charged INR 1,565.43/- per month

Company Plan: It is customizable and varies with the services you take.

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To conclude the topic, we can say that video conferencing has brought the world even closer. In t he tried times, keeping in touch is very important. Free video conferencing software has made our lives easier. Even if you are working from home, you can easily connect with your office and have business meetings.

Furthermore, the HD quality video and voice clarity has made it easier to have clarity on the presentations. You can now have smooth meetings and PowerPoint presentations to get everyone’s views on a topic. The tools this software provider will also help you to keep all the stakeholders and colleagues connected on the same page.

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