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Best WordPress Themes for Blogs -Top 15 for 2020

Do you want to use a free WordPress theme for your blog? There are millions of options on the internet. It is difficult to locate the best WordPress themes for blogs out of them.

You can a strong writer, you might have chosen unique content. But, if the theme is not attractive enough, your blog will fail to achieve the impact you intent on your readers.

Did you know, nearly 30% of blogs lose their web traffic as visitors lose interest while reading?

That is why I lay emphasis on choosing the right kind of layout for your blog.

Look out for themes that are available for free, come with attractive features, easy navigable, reliable, and of course customizable.

WordPress is the best self-hosted platform for any blog. To create an impact with WordPress blogs, I have listed out the 15 best WordPress themes for blogs for your reference. Go through their features and select one that suits your blog.

15 Best WordPress Themes for Blogs in 2020

There are several Premium themes for WordPress websites. However, these are the best WordPress themes for blogs that can be availed for free.

1. OceanWP

OceanWP is one of the best WordPress themes that comes with features as great as the premium ones. The main features of this theme are-

  • This theme is compatible with every type of websites like blogs, e-commerce websites, business websites, etc.
  • You get multiple choices of website layouts
  • View your webpages in full width
  • Option to customize your logos
  • Get 2 navigation menus and multiple sidebars
  • Access to a well-decorated image page
  • Easy and flexible to set up
  • 24×7 live customer support

2. Hestia

Hestia is another great choice if you are looking for a free responsive WordPress theme. The features to note here are –

  • This theme is suitable for every category of websites, including Woocommerce
  • Setting up the WordPress theme is very easy and quick with the setup wizard
  • The theme comes with companion plugins that add more service sections and testimonials to your website or blog.
  • The page-builder plugins used along with the theme makes it Woocommerce compatible
  • You can use a live theme customizer to set up your website homepage.
  • The theme comes with an excellent drag and drop features which allows you to add and rearrange sections in the website.

3. Astra

Astra is a free WordPress is the best WordPress theme alternative for Hestia. It is 100% free and customizable. Features of the theme that attract are-

  • The theme offers starter sites for personal blogs, business blogs, and portfolios; it is even suitable for e-commerce platforms.
  • It is one of the best WordPress themes for blogs when it comes to a free customizable layout.
  • The layout is responsive and keeps your customers engaged.
  • The theme is studded with page-builder wizards.
  • You can add an online shopping store with your blog by using the built-in Woocommerce support feature.
  • Bloggers can use this theme to create blogs in any language; The theme comes with an in-built language translator.
  • With Astra, you get hundreds of font and color options to choose from
  • The theme is very lightweight
  • Astra theme options are available with WordPress live customizer.

4. Blocksy

Blocksy is a WordPress compatible theme that is meant to give your website a professional appearance. The features of this theme make it more attractive to bloggers-

  • Blocksy is fast, feature-rich, yet a lightweight theme for use
  • This is a free WordPress theme that has been designed to work with WordPress block editor tools.
  • With this theme, you get multiple options for your webpage selection
  • Blocksy is compatible with different kinds of websites like blogs, portfolios, e-commerce platforms, and even websites for restaurants
  • It has good integration with Woocommerce platforms
  • You can use the theme with leading page-builder plugin options like Elementor.
  • The theme has a built-in feature called lazy-loading which ensures fast operation of your website.
  • The best feature of this theme is its retina readiness. It will offer your readers comfort while they are using your website or blog.
  • This theme is compatible with every type of device.

5. SiteOrigin Unwind

SiteOrigin Unwind is a free WordPress theme with multiple purposes. Some important features users enjoy with this theme are-

  • It provides complete Woocommerce support to its users.
  • SiteOrigin Unwind comes with minimal designs and offers you the scope of personalization by using its page-builder plugin.
  • Get multiple layout options for your webpage or blog page.
  • Enjoy various options in color, font, and background selection.

6. Hemingway

Do you want a clean and soothing theme for your WordPress blog? Hemingway is one of the best WordPress themes for blogs, that offers a clean appearance to your readers. The features of this theme are very clear and easy to understand.

  • Hemingway offers a 2-column webpage layout for blogs
  • Get a full-width view of the image in the header area with a parallax effect.
  • You can upload your logo or customize a logo
  • The theme also supports customized widgets for blogs
  • When you get Hemingway for your blog, you also get page templates options for your webpage. Select any with the drag and drop options and make your page more attractive.
  • The best feature of the Hemingway theme is that is compatible with every smartphone. It is a retina-ready theme that looks great on high-resolution screens.
  • Every theme option available with Hemingway is easy to set up.

7. Sydney

If you want a powerful theme for your WordPress site, the best option is Sydney. It is a feature-rich WordPress theme that is suitable for both business and personal blogs and websites.

So what do you get with the theme?

  • It is a powerful and free theme for WordPress blogs.
  • The theme comes with a full-screen slider
  • There is an option to upload a logo of your choice with the theme, or else, you can custom design your logo.
  • Get a wide collection of images in the gallery to choose your header photo
  • The navigation menu comes in the form of a sticky menu.
  • The powerful tools of the Sydney theme allow you to create an engaging platform for your blog. It helps in creating the first impact with your landing page.
  • Sydney uses the Elementor page-builder tool along with drag and drops features while creating a webpage.

8. Hueman

Hueman is one of the leading WordPress themes that is available for free. Do you need a fast working theme for your blog? Try Hueman and enjoy the exciting features here.

  • The theme is ideal if you are targeting a blog that is rich in content; it operates very fast on such platforms.
  • It offers multiple columns in the page layout.
  • You can use Hueman even for websites designed for magazines.
  • The front-page layout offers space where you can place the main content of your blog.
  • You can create a customized header for your webpage.
  • If you are not satisfied with the columned-layout, use the full-width format to offer a better appearance.
  • There are tons of options for customization, that is not only exciting but also easy to operate.
  • The theme is mobile-friendly and super-responsive in nature.

9. Poseidon

If you are looking for a multipurpose free theme for WordPress, Poseidon is definitely on top of the list. Some features that makes it important for listing are-

  • The layout of this theme is very spacious and clean. Naturally, the clear space attracts more visitors.
  • You can also enjoy the full-width slider while you are using the homepage layout to create more impact on your readers.
  • Here, you get to choose your webpage design from a wide collection of templates available. The most popular one of Poseidon is the multi-page template option.
  • Poseidon comes with a homepage setting widget to makes the job easier for you.
  • The theme is compatible with various categories of websites like blog-sites, magazine-styled websites, etc.

10. Fascinate

Fascinate WordPress theme is the best option if you are looking for a beautiful and smart appearance on your webpage. The features make this theme one of the most popular options for professional websites.

  • This WordPress is specially designed for creating professional platforms for bloggers, freelancers, lifestyle blogs, fashion websites, e-commerce websites dealing with fashion accessories and apparel, etc.
  • You get an option to customize your post categories.
  • Feel free to add-in videos, gallery images, quotes, audios, and other forms of media files in your blog or content.

So, what makes this theme so appealing to your eyes? Why do people prefer using it for professional platforms?

The theme layout offers eye-appealing typography, gorgeous color combination, and featured sliders. Overall, it is very appropriate to give your blog a smart appearance.

11. Moderne

Like the name says, Moderne, offers a modern aspect to your blog. The design is modern yet elegant and it has more to offer to the users.

  • The creators of this theme made readability their priority. Any layout you choose from the theme, your content will always be centrally located to draw major attention.
  • Moderne theme is highly suitable for newspaper websites and magazine-styled platforms, where the content should always be under focus.
  • There is a carousel slider on its website that makes it interesting for the readers.
  • It comes with an option to display your blog content gracefully with its 2-columned homepage layouts.
  • The settings of the theme offer you customization options.

12. Kent

Kent is a simple WordPress theme that offers a modern visual effect on your blog. The theme features a 2-columned layout to make your content more prominent. Other features that are worth mentioning here are-

  • Are you tired of seeing the full menu constantly? If you feel the menu is blocking your layout, you can use the option to collapse the menu in the navigation panel of the theme. It effectively shrinks the menu options and gives a brighter view of the content.
  • Here, you can select the logo of your choice, upload your personal logo design, or use the customization tool to create a new logo.
  • Check-out the templates from and images from the gallery and choose a background for your website.
  • The theme offers options for customization of your website header.
  • WordPress live customizer allows you to set up the theme very easily. The steps of setting the theme are simple.

13. Baskerville

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you here the name Baskerville? Well, for me it is suspense, thrill, or the style.

Here, the Baskerville theme is all about displaying the style and modernity of your website. The features of the theme make it an ideal option for personal blogs and business websites.

  • The theme offers a layout that features an attractive full-width image for the header.
  • All your posts are displayed on the front page in form of a grid to give them full exposure.
  • There are extravagant template options in the theme collection. Get 4 options of templates for different pages.
  • It works perfectly with WordPress block editor.

14. Ashe

Ashe is yet another free WordPress theme that provides elegance and beauty to your blog. The layout of this theme is suitable for magazine-fashioned websites that require big images for header and centrally-focused content on a webpage. There are content sliders to create impact.

Like other WordPress themes, Ashe is integrated with a page-builder tool called, Elementor, Beaver Builder, and others. These page-builders give a better chance of personalization.

15. Mesmerize

Mesmerize is a color theme option for WordPress that comes for free. It is one of the best WordPress themes for blogs in our list because of these features-

  • The theme is flexible to use.
  • Get 30+ sections for your displaying your content in the blog.
  • The theme is suitable to support different media files like videos and images for the header.
  • You change the background of your blog with the slider.
  • Make your homepage more attractive by adding the gradient overlays in the layout.
  • There are Woocommerce plugins with this theme to make it compatible with Woocommerce.

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Final thoughts about the best WordPress themes for blogs

We have discussed the top 15 WordPress themes for your blogs. Each of them comes with attractive features and, above all, are free for use. The parts are as good as any premium theme. When you get benefits from a free theme, why spend on premium ones. Choose a theme from the above-listed options and start blogging today.

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