Best web hosting providers

Best Web Hosting Providers in 2020

Are you starting a website? Want to hire services from one of the best web hosting providers? We will be discussing these providers in detail in this article.

Di you know, finding a proper web hosting service provider can be difficult for new websites? It’s not only time consuming but also an expensive affair. But if you know how to compare the services of two different providers, you will be able to identify the best one from them.

The first 2 important factors that you must focus on while selecting a web host is the load time and uptime required by the host. This is as crucial as the hosting charges.

Things to check while hiring a web hosting prover:

If you want one of the best hosting providers for your website, a few things that you should in a web host are-

  • Check the industrial reputation of the host and credentials
  • Choose a host who promises the uptime to be 99%
  • Every good web host must be able to provide you with several website setting plans
  • Customer support of the host should be available 24 x 7, 365 days
  • Of course, the amount they charge for their service is a big determinant
  • Choose a host that provides an intuitive interface for their account
  • A good host will have an ample amount of resources for starting your website
  • The host must provide you with support for domain migration in case you already hold a website
  • Managing the domain name is one of the biggest jobs they should agree to perform
  • Your security is cared for constantly

If you have found a website host who is ready to provide all these services and matches your criteria, both from budget and uptime requirement end, you have found yourself a good one.

10 Best Web Hosting Providers to Look Out for in 2020

You know the traits to look for in a good web hosting provider. Identifying the best will no more be a problem for you. Here we have a list of the top 10 web host whose services are trending in 2020. The list has been prepared after a thorough study of the host services, their limitations, pricing, customer service, and most importantly, the features.

1. Bluehost

Best web hosting providers

Bluehost has been recognized this year as the best web host from all aspects.  They had been ruling the market from 2007 and have successfully hosted more than 3,000,000 new websites so far. Beginners pay a price of $2.75 per month for the first 3 years of their service. Post that phase they charge an amount of $7.95 for renewal.

Do you want to know why? The pros of the host stand behind as the reason

Pros :

  • Offers an uptime of 99.99%
  • Offers a speed of 405 ms, which ranks amongst the top 5
  • WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla websites can install this in just one-click
  • Highly user-friendly for beginners
  • They offer free site builder and domain to new websites
  • Customer support is available for 24 x 7 over both phone  and webchat
  • They offer unmetered bandwidth and a storage capacity of 50GB in their standard service plan
  • The hosting service comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Your new account and website get activated with an instant effect.

The only con we could note here is that they offer heavy discounts when you take longer service plans from them.

2. HostGator Cloud

Best web hosting providers

If you need a cheap web hosting service, then HostGator Cloud will be offering you the same. This 2002 company has also got a reputation for setting up over 2,000,000 websites all over the world. This hosting service provider is considered as one of the strong competitors of Bluehost in the market.

When you hire their services, they offer you free domain support for 1 whole here. Post that you need to sign up for one, two, or 3 years’ service.

The HostGator service provider offers a simple interface where the operation happens by a simple “drag and drop method”. So, if you have any customization of your website in mind, feel free to do so by using the easy website builder tool.

Some Pros and Cons to understand their importance in web hosting-

Pros :

  • You are promised an uptime of 99.99%
  • The operating speed is that of 399 ms, which is again one of the top 5 speeds in hosting
  • They offer the transfer of website for free of charge
  • There are no limitations to the storage and bandwidth
  • There are multiple locations for the datacenter
  • You can open multiple e-mail accounts under the website created with HostGator
  • With them, you get an SSL certificate for your security
  • The web-builder is very user-friendly for the beginners and creates sites that are e-commerce-friendly in nature
  • You get a 45-days money-back guarantee with the Gator

Cons :

  • The cost for renewal of their contract is pretty steep

3. Hostinger

Best web hosting providers

Hostinger, also called Hosting24, is the cheapest of all the web hosting service providers in the market. Even though they offer the cheapest plans for web hosting services, the performance, and quality of the website is never compromised. Being cheap and feature-laden is an makes them the favorite for beginners in the field.

There are different plans for you to choose from when it comes to their service and web-builder tool usage.

The basic plan for this web host is a 2-year contract for $0.99 per month. Post that period, if you wish to renew the contract the price hikes up to $2.15 per month. If you choose their plan for ” Single Web Hosting”, your storage gets limited to 10GB, the bandwidth to 100 GB, 1 e-mail account, and 1 MySQL database.

Although certain services don’t match that of the Gator or Bluehost, Hostinger offers tough competition by being the cheapest one in the market. Some Pros and cons you would like to note here are-


  • They offer an uptime of 99.95%
  • The speed of operation is 350 ms, which is one of the top 3 in the list
  • They offer the cheapest service plan for beginners
  • Their Datacenters are located in Asia, Europe, and the USA
  • With them, you get an SSL certificate for free
  • The support system of Hostinger operates for 24 x 7
  • They offer a guarantee of 30-day money-back to new website users

Cons :

  • You don’t get free domain access with them
  • If you get a cheap plan for web hosting service, the bandwidth and storage gets limited

4. GreeGeeks

Best web hosting providers

Have you ever thought of using services from an eco-friendly service provider for web hosting? You can try GreenGeeks for that. For more than 12 years they had been offering eco-friendly web hosting services and are very renowned as the best “Green” service provider of the world. They have created over 500,000 new websites so far.

They not only offer Green services but are also famous for providing the most reliable and speedy hosting service at an extremely affordable price. To hire their services for web hosting, you only pay a monthly charge of $2.95. They will also offer you a web domain for free for the first year of usage. Over and above this, there are several unlimited services available along with their services.

For bigger websites, they offer special hosting services with VPS. Plus, you can migrate the websites anytime you, please.

Pros :

  • Has a high load time of 445 ms
  • The uptime is as high as 99.98%
  • The Datacenter of the server is based out of Canada, USA, and the Netherlands
  • Website transfer happens for free
  • Get unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • They ensure high-quality website creation
  • Customer support is available 24 x 7
  • You can have an unlimited number of e-mail ids and domains at your disposal
  • They ensure the backup of the data every night

Cons :

  • The policy for money-back, even though promised to be a 30-day guarantee, is still under question
  • The renewal charges are as high as $9.95 per month after the initial phase.

5. DreamHost

Best web hosting providers

DreamHost, one of the oldest web hosts of the world, started serving in 1996. Since then, the company has created a record of creating more than 1.5 million websites in 100 countries altogether. Thus, the company is considered as one of the best web hosting providers in the world. They are a little different as compared to the new web hosting companies. You won’t be charged for the services annually. The charges are then raised based on monthly services

Their monthly service plan for signing up starts from $4.95. After using the service for a month you can choose to upgrade to a 3-years’ plan, where the charge is reduced to $2.95 in a month. But the renewal charges will again be increased to $4.95 per month on completion of 3 years.

With the basic plan, you get these for free-

  • 1 domain access
  • 1 website creation
  • A bandwidth of unlimited capacity
  • An SSD storage capacity of 50GB

If you want to add e-mail account creation to their services, there is an additional charge of $1.67 per month.

Pros :

  • There is a load time of 648 ms
  • You will get LetsEncrypt SSL security certificate
  • Manage the domain with various operation tools
  • Data transfer is offered for free
  • WordPress is pre-installed here
  • Their services come with a 97-days guarantee for money-back
  • The service tools are user-friendly

Cons :

  • The uptime comes to an average of 99.94%
  • cPanel is unavailable here

6. SiteGround

Best web hosting providers

Operating since 2004, SiteGround has successfully secured the title of one of the top 3 recommended web hosts by WordPress. They are renowned for hosting more than 2 million domains in the world.

Their 1-year service plan starts from $3.95 per month. The renewal is however pretty steep and amounts to $11.95 per month

How did they manage to get such a huge success? Their exemplary customer care did the magic here. Apart from good customer support, the pros mentioned also justify their success.

Pros :

  • Load time is that of 673 ms
  • They offer an uptime of 99.99%
  • The customer support team is knowledgeable
  • They provide backup daily and give access to Cloudflare CDN, SSH, e-mail id creation, and more for free
  • The service line is pretty widespread

Cons :

  • Cheap plans are limited here
  • For monthly set up they charge a fee

7. A2 Hosting

Best web hosting providers

Staring in 2002, A2 Hosting has successfully created over 500,00 websites worldwide, making them the web host to receive the fastest shares. why are they so fast for users? They work fast as they had been using the WordPress Optimization technique along with LiteSpeed Cache.

Even though they are fast, users often don’t consider them reliable enough.

The Lite plan of their service starts from a minimum amount of $2.96 per month. With this plan, they provide 1 website, 1-year of free domain access, 25 e-mail ids,  Cloudflare CDN, etc. They even have an expert team for customer support called the “Guru Crew Support”.


  • You get the fastest load time of 315 ms with them
  • Servers are optimized for WordPress
  • Customer support for 24 x 7
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • Create more than 20 e-mail accounts


  • They offer an average uptime of 99.93%
  • The renewal cost is very steep
  • The renewal policy is not reliable

8. WestHost

Best web hosting providers

WestHost is a UK based company for web hosting, that have gained their popularity because of the lowly charged service plan. Their sign=up plan for 3-years starts from a monthly $1.99 package. Even the renewal charge of a monthly $4.99 is low compared to others.

They have been listed amongst the top 10 web hosting providers, not only for their price but also for their excellent backup support.


  • Offer a good uptime of 99.98%
  • The startup pricing is highly affordable
  • Get Cloudflare CDN for free
  • The backup offered on daily basis is of great quality


  • The load time of 881 ms is below the required average time
  • There is no free domain available
  • You don’t get the installation of WordPress due to lack of cPanel with the service

9. GoDaddy Hosting

Best web hosting providers

GoDaddy Hosting is currently leading the market of web hosting worldwide by delivering about  44 million of new websites to the world. They are the largest registrar of domain across 14 facilities all around the world. Their servers are rented from AWS. However, you can use GoDaddy regardless of the size of your website.

There is nothing much to say about this company. They are already ruling the market and are known to be one of the best web hosting providers in the world. Knowing the pros and cons are enough to understand their importance.


  • The load time is decent and that of 554 ms
  • You get great uptime of 99.97%
  • the initial signup plan offers storage as high as 100 GB
  • You get free access to the tools for website building and cPanel
  • They guarantee 99.90% of uptime under all circumstances
  • One can get a money-back guarantee for 30-days


  • you need to pay extra for the security certificates and e-mail ids
  • Site transfer is not allowed

10. Site5

best web hosting providers

Site5 had been serving big brands for website hosting since 1998. This is an old company in this field and has gained quite a popularity. However, they are not on the top of the list because of their huge signing up fee of $7.65 per month.


  • The uptime is great and that of 99.99%
  • The average load time is 629 ms
  • Migration from one domain to other is permitted
  • They offer unlimited storage space and bandwidth


  • The services are very expensive
  • They don’t provide free domain service

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We have listed the 10 best web hosting providers in the world. Who suits your requirement? Does the budget match your estimate? Find a suitable one and create your website today under the best host.

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