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Best VPN for Android – Keep Your Phone Protected

Millions of people are looking for options to keep their Smartphone data protected as they surf online. Get the best VPN for Android and enjoy the security of your personal data and smooth internet browsing.

We have often come across VPN reviews where the clients were dissatisfied with the support and security features. Many VPN turned out to be fake and harmful. So, basically, the confusion still prevails about getting a trustworthy option. Whenever you refer to your Play Store, you will come across more than 200 options for a VPN. Some of them are also available for free. How will know which one to trust?

We have tested all these VPNs for based their privacy, speed and safety. The results we received helped us to form the below list of 5 best VPN for Android.

Our first choice of VPN for Android is NordVPN.

All the VPNs we recommend over here are fast, user-friendly, and above all, super secured. These networks are the best if you like to stream movies over Netflix. with these VPNs at your system, you get to enjoy the fast streaming of online movies in HD-quality, even when you are accessing public Wi-Fi. No matter where you access this from, your network remains secure from malware activities.

While preparing our list of VPN, we have ensured that these networks have dedicated user-friendly Android apps, which operates seamlessly on every version of Android devices, including Android 5.0 Lollipop.

The 5 Best VPN for Android in 2020

Based on a thorough study regarding the safety protocols, privacy policy, speed, and accessibility, we have prepared this list of 5 best VPN for Android. Refer to the features of each of these options and decide which one suits you the best.

1. NordVPN – Our Choice for The Best VPN for Android

Android Play Store Rating: 4.3

Right from the budget-friendliness to the rating in Play Store, NordVPN is the best option if you want a VPN for your Android device. NordVPN is the largest provider of strong servers globally. It spans across the VPN market with its 5430+ servers through more than 59 countries. It is known for its strong security measures including features like ad blocking and double encryption.

The NordVPN app is well loaded with its features and is easy to use, even if you are new to this. The downloading process of the application is also very simple. Either visit the Play Store of your Android device or download the app from the secure APK at the NordVPN website. The servers you get here allows you to access your favorite entertainment right from your mobile phone.

NordVPN services being based out of Panama, falls under 5/9/14-Eyes Jurisdiction. This ensures that your personal browsing data remains private.

Features of the VPN app:

  • The server base of the Nord is very high and comes with great speed, making it ideal for online media streaming.
  • Connects 6 devices simultaneously
  • Get a chance to stream movies with guaranteed zero buffering.
  • It is compatible with leading online streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, BBC iPlayer, etc.
  • The VPN server works perfectly fine with 3G network connections.
  • The servers of the VPN are optimized for online streaming and have the capability to unblock more than 400 streaming platforms with geo-restriction.
  • It comes with a SmartPlay feature that automatically triggers a server switch to unblock a website.
  • With every NordVPN package, you get access to P2P servers for a dedicated profile in torrent.
  • When it comes to privacy, the jurisdiction of the VPN ensures that your browsing data are always well-protected.
  • Nord apps are secured with several privacy policies and security protocols like the zero-log policy and 256-bit encryption.
  • The app comes with an automatic kill switch and Cyber Sec features that help in the prevention of malware, tracker, and adblocking.

VPN packages:

NordVPN comes with 3 subscription packages. The monthly package might seem a little expensive but the 2-years’ package is the cheapest one available in the market.

  1. There is a 1-month plan which comes for $11.95 per month
  2. The annual package is worth $4.92 per month
  3. Finally, the cheapest plan is the 2-years plan for $3.71 per month


  • User-friendly Android interface
  • 1-click solution for quick connection to servers
  • Compatible with every Android device and version including the Android TVs and Android Version 5.0 lollipop
  • Allows 6 connections simultaneously with unlimited bandwidth
  • Capable of unblocking online streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, HB, Sling TV, etc.
  • Supports torrenting activity
  • Comes with a kill switch
  • Compatible with other devices like Mac, Windows, Chrome, Linux, and even routers
  • Can be operated in China
  • The advanced obfuscation settings unblock the censored sites of China
  • Comes with a 30-days moneyback guarantee
  • Get 24×7 customer live chat support
  • Payment accepted through credit cars, GooglePay, ApplePay, and even cryptocurrency


  • Doesn’t accept payment through PayPal

2. Express VPN – The Fastest Option for Androids

Android Play Store Rating for ExpressVPN Premium: 3.2

ExpressVPN is yet another user-friendly, easy to set up VPN for Android that comes with super-fast speed. The VPN has over 3000+ P2P enables, high-speed servers throughout 94 countries across the globe. Right after NordVPN, this is the best VPN for Android where you wish to enjoy torrenting and online streaming.

ExpressVPN is based out of the British Virgin Island jurisdiction imposes high-security norms. Both the military-grade features for security and the OpenVPN features offer various forms of data privacy. If you are using this VPN while transferring some data from your phone, even when you connect through public WiFi.

Features of the VPN App:

  • ExpressVPN offers high security and protection from malware using 256-bit encryption, split tunneling, and zero-log policy.
  • You will also get protection from the DNS leak.
  • This is a reliable network or server if you wish to enjoy fast online streaming.
  • The MediaStreamer technology of the app ensures that servers for online streaming operate unhindered, even if your phone doesn’t support VPN connections
  • The VPN app is also compatible with Android TVs and gaming consoles.
  • One of the most important features of the app is its secure software updating technology called, TrustedServer.

VPN Packages:

There are three subscription packages under ExpressVPN. The packages are a bit expensive. But if you consider their 12-months package, they offer a deal of free 3 months with it.

  1. The one-month subscription packages come at $12.95 per month
  2. There is a 6-months plan available at $9.99 per month
  3. The best plan is the 1-year plan with 3 months free extension at $6.67 per month


  • The VPN server helps in unblocking Netflix, HBO, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Videos, and other online streaming platforms
  • Supports every torrenting server
  • Presence of a kill switch
  • Compatible with Linux, Android TV, gaming console, MacBook, Firefox, and Chrome
  • Certain routers are also compatible with ExpressVPN
  • Strong military security features
  • Get 24×7 live chat support
  • Allows up to 5 connections under one subscription package
  • The subscription plans come with a 30-days moneyback guarantee
  • Rebooting the system deletes every data on the server, so there is zero user log report


  • Servers of this VPN are RAM dependent
  • Needs high power for storing data
  • ExpressVPN is expensive with no budget subscription offer

3. Surfshark – The Best VPN for Android in Home-Based Offices and Larger Household

Android Play Store Rating : 4

Surfshark might not have networks as big as the leading VPN connections in the world, but it has the best connection when it comes to unlimited access in a household. With 1700+ servers in 63 countries, Surfshark stands as one of the best VPN options for Android, especially for people who love online steaming. If you find online streaming platforms like Netflix or HBO blocked on your device, you can use the VPN and enjoy TV series and movies in HD Quality.

The best part of having Surfshark is security extension and connectivity. All you need is one account and you can have an unlimited number of connections protected around you.

Having a headquarter at the British Virgin Islands has ensured that the networks of Surfshark remain outside the territory of the 5/9/14-Eyes alliance. Thus, you always receive complete privacy while you search with the VPN server.

Features of the VPN App:

  • The primary feature of importance is the availability of unlimited connections under one server without affecting the speed.
  • It provides strong security and privacy by using the 256-bit encryption and a no-log policy.
  • Apart from the standard kill switch, the Surfshark VPN has a special feature of the Android native kill switch.
  • The Android native kill switch along with the Whitelister functions helps you chose the traffic you wish to keep protected
  • The combo of the kill switch and functions also ensures safe surfing while using public Wi-Fi networks and gives access to small data packets for saving your mobile data.
  • If you are facing bans and censorship for VPN networks, Surfshark obfuscation settings will ensure that you have a strong connection while you are on the move.
  • There is a Camouflage mode in the VPN that masks all connections from detection.
  • The MultiHop feature helps in connecting your system with multiple servers.
  • You can access the VPN in remote locations because of the NoBorder Mode of the app.

VPN Packages:

There are three subscription packages here. The 1-month plan is pretty steep, but if you go for 24-months, it is one of the cheapest options in the market.

  1. The 1-month subscription comes for $12.95 per month
  2. There is a 6-month plan which costs half the 1-month plan and comes for $6.49 per month
  3. The 2-years package is available at $2.49 per month


  • Using Surfshark will help you unblock online streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime Videos, etc.
  • It supports torrenting
  • There is a presence of a Kill switch
  • The VPN is compatible with macOS, Linux, FireTV, Windows, Firefox, and Google Chrome
  • Provides robust security
  • Gives access to unlimited connections under a single server
  • Presence of 24×7 live chat support
  • Packages area available with a 30-days money-back guarantee


  • The e-mail support of Surfshark is a bit weak

4. CyberGhost – The Best VPN for Newbies

Android Play Store Rating: 4

CyberGhost is one of the most user-friendly VPN, that has more than 7000 servers in 90+ countries all over the globe. If you are new to using a VPN then CyberGhost is the best solution for you. It comes with an in-built profile for online streaming that gives you unhindered access to top streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Videos, HBO, Hulu, Netflix, etc. If you are into torrenting then it has a dedicated profile with torrent links.

The app is highly intuitive and can be installed in just a single click from your Play Store. The VPN servers get connected to your device right after you turn it on. The no-log policy ensures that every time you access the servers, no data gets preserved.

Features of the VPN App:

  • The VPN app of CyberGhost has the most user-friendly interface, making it ideal for newbies.
  • It provides superior security and privacy with the support of the automatic kill switch and the 256-bit encryption.
  • Torrenting is easier with the dedicated profile links.
  • It comes with in-built features for online streaming.
  • You can keep your IP address discrete with the dedicated IP support.
  • The anti-censorship feature ensures that you get VPN access even in countries where it is blocked.

VPN Packages:

The VPN comes with four subscription packages.

  1. The 1-month plan is available for $12.99 per month
  2. For a 1-year subscription, you pay $4.99 per month
  3. A 2-year package is available at $2.79 per month
  4. The cheapest option is the 3-years packages which come at $2.36 per month and also give a 3-months free extension offer.


  • Helps in unblocking online streaming sites like SkyGo, Comedy Central, Netflix, etc.
  • Compatible with Amazon Fire Stick, Windows, iOS, macOS, etc.
  • Supports torrenting with dedicated servers and profiles
  • Presence of a kill switch
  • One subscription allows 7 connection at a time
  • One-click installation benefit
  • Comes with a no-log policy
  • Presence of a 24×7 live chat support
  • Comes with a 45-days money-back guarantee


  • It doesn’t work in China

5. PrivatePVN – The Best VPN for Android When You Are On a Budget

Android Play Store Rating: 4.2

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly VPN for your Android that offers a high level of security, PrivateVPN is the best solution for you. You can download the app from your Play Store in a single click and take advantage of all the premium VPN features. There are a total of 150 servers spread across 60 different countries in the world.

Though PrivateVPN is based out of Sweden, it falls under 14-Eyes jurisdiction, making your privacy discrete. It follows a no-log privacy policy ensuring 100% security of your search data. The policy is so well protected that it will never disclose any data even if asked for.

Features of the VPN App:

  • The app is protected from DNS leak and IPv6.
  • The servers are secured with 256-bit encryption.
  • Comes with special Netflix-optimized servers to unblock online streaming platforms like Hulu, GO, Netflix, etc.

VPN packages:

PrivateVPN comes with three different subscription options. No matter which one you choose, you get nothing but the cheapest deal.

  1. The 1-month package comes for $8.10 per month
  2. There is a package for 3 months that comes for $5.03 per month
  3. The cheapest deal is the 13-months package that is available at $3.82 per month


  • PrivateVPN is suitable to unblock online streaming platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime Videos, etc.
  • Supports torrenting
  • Presence kill switch
  • Compatible with Windows, iOS, and macOS
  • Presence of live chat support during business hours; post that time you can get support by e-mailing them.
  • Follows a no-log policy
  • Premium security features
  • Comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee


  • Live customer support is not available 24×7

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Final Thoughts About The Best VPN for Android

VPNs are available in plenty if you open your Play Store. We created this small list of the best VPN for Android by considering certain points like that of the speed, online streaming capacity, usability, user-friendliness, robust security power, and of course the price. We have considered all their features thoroughly before ranking them. Each of them is suitable to unblock an online streaming platform, keep your IP address, and search data discretely. Check the features and subscription packages before you get a VPN. See which one meets all of your requirements, including the budget. Getting the right VPN is now very easy with this list.

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