Best Screen Recording Software

Best Screen Recording Software For 2020

Screen Recording Software : Screen recording with the in-built camera on our computers was a major challenge earlier.

With the advent of the new software in the market, video recording from the screen became a lot easier. Modern software and apps are created such they are user-friendly, and professional.

This software is needed as technical support while you plan to demonstrate a product. The basic tech support needed is software for video calling. If you don’t have the correct type of tool for the recording, the quality of the footage is likely to be compromised.

If you want a precise recording of the entire computer screen, then we have the best screen recording software suggestion for you.

Before we go to the software, let’s understand what these screen recorders are actually.

What do you understand by a Screen Recording Software?

Screen recording software is meant to record a portion of the screen or the entire screen of your mobiles and computers. when the recorder is on, it records almost everything. Starting from the minimum browser typing to move of the cursor to every tap on the phone, or keyboard, everything gets recorded with the software.

However, one must remember that none of the software is comparable to each other in terms of their features. Two individual software are never alike. Usually, their format of the video footage varies widely.

Before you download a recording software on your system, check the features carefully. Ensure the software serves your recording purpose the best. A person needs to evaluate their need for recording very specifically to have the best screen recording software.

Features to check in the Best Screen Recording Software

If you want the best screen recording software, here are few features that are to be checked in the software-

  • User-friendly software
  • Records the full screen of the device, or a part of it or even a window.
  • The user gets to annotate the footage that gets recorded.
  • The software includes audio clippings from both microphone and system.
  • Footages get captured from sources that are external to the system.
  • The software has a built-in option for exporting files.

The online software is available in both the app versions and browser-based options. Both options have the capability of recording in HD quality.

In this situation, you need to note that since the recorded files are in HD format, uploading the same will be time-consuming. But if you want a faster uploading option, you can get that too.

Difference between online and desktop recorder for recording the screen

We get both desktop-based and online-based software options. The major difference between this two software is their functionality in the offline segment.

The online software will, of course, require a strong internet connection to process the screen recording. But a desktop recorder will be able to do the job even on an offline basis.

Having an online recorder is not the ideal solution to capture gameplay.

10 Best screen recording software you can try in 2020

We know the features to look for when we get software for screen recording. There are many such tools available in the market to choose from. They suit all the operating systems we use like iOS, Linux, Mac, etc.

From all the recorders available to us, we have listed the top 10 best screen recording software in 2020

1. OBS Studios

OBS Studios

Open Broadcaster Software is a screen recorder that can be availed for free. What makes this software one of the top best? Below features justifies its position-

  • Allows both HD streaming and recording of videos
  • There is no limitation on the video lengths
  • Option to record both part and fullscreen
  • Recording can be controlled by using the hotkey that has been customized for this performance
  • Video sound gets smoothly recorded with the special audio mixer in the software
  • Live-streaming is possible with this screen recorder
  • Live-screening allows you to save the projects, convert files into FLV format, and even stream on YouTube.

Probably OBS offers the best features in the market for screen recording. That’s why we like to keep this on the top of the list for 2020.

2. Screencast-O-Matic

Best screen recording software

Screencast-O-Matic is an online application or software that uses both the screen recorder and system webcam to record and edit the video from the screen.

Features you need to note about this app are-

  • There is no HD recording option here. You can only record the video as per the standard quality, 640X480, and 800X600.
  • Being of standard quality, the video recording happens faster and also improves the speed of uploading.
  • The app makes handling the videos easier by allowing easy zooming, overlay adding, and drawing in the files.
  • Video sharing over YouTube is easier.
  • To share videos over YouTube, no new apps will be required.
  • You can edit the audio of the system and synchronize the same with the video clipping.

The features of Screencast-O-Matic is clear now. Some other points you need to know about the online recorder are-

  • The platform is not free. There is a minimum charge of $1.50 per month for using it.
  • It is suitable for use in Windows, iOS, Mac, and Chromebook
  • You can easily share this app with other users

3. Apowersoft Unlimited

Apowersoft Unlimited

Apowersoft Unlimited is a software-cum-application that is suitable for both Android, iOS, and desktop users. The software is prepared to connect the mobiles or computers to the PC screen wirelessly. The recorder of the desktop then captures the audio from the PC or the other connected devices, webcams, and microphones, all at once.

Some features that make this one of the best-

  • Recording through this software can be done through more than one mode like a full-screen or customized area.
  • You get to annotate the recordings.
  • While using the software, you don’t need to pause the recording and still can apply any text, callout, etc. to it.
  • The mobile application version allows you to sync your PC and mobile together while live casting.
  • Only users of Windows and Mac PC are allowed to record the activities on the screen with the screen recorder on the desktop.

Extra points to remember while using this software-

  • Not free software. There is an annual fee of $ 59.95 applicable.
  • This is a good software for demonstration.

4. ScreenFlow

Best screen recording software

Do you want a screen recording software for Mac with the capabilities of audio recording? If yes, then ScreenFlow is your option to look forward to.

What makes it so exciting can be explained in simple terms as-

  • It has many recording features like settings for recording a group video, improving the resolution for retina, etc.
  • After you have recorded the footage, you can add an audio file to the background.
  • The software comes with an in-built template and styling features.
  • After recording footage, you get to save the special elements of the recording under the audio-visual setting. Some common elements worth mentioning here are-drop shadows.
  • With the template tool on the software, you can insert, arrange, or configure annotation groups well in advance.

The features are not going to be disappointing if you plan to use the software well. Some more points that you need to know here are-

  • There is a one-time payment for this software at about $129.
  • You can subscribe to the Super Pak ScreenFlow version for accessing more than 500,000 unique pieces of audio clippings and photos. This in turn can be used on the recordings.
  • This video is mainly meant to record retina supporting videos of high definition.

5. AceThinker


AceThinker is an online software or application that is specifically meant for laptops. Though this is not meant for every device, some features that still make this software one of the best are-

  • Setting up the software on the laptop is very easy.
  • The software can be used for recording a part or full portion of the laptop screen, make noteworthy video recording with the scope of editing, etc.
  • The software is designed to simultaneously catch audio from the computer as well as the microphone.
  • Conversion of shot videos and saving them into recognized formats like API, MOV, or MP4 is possible with online software.
  • With this software, one can spontaneously upload their videos on YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox.

The standard version of this app is free for users. But if you want something more, you need to switch to the “PRO” by paying a fee of $39.95. With the upgraded version you get-

  • You can pre-schedule your screen recordings.
  • There is a tool called “Screen Capture” that allows you to screen record some activity on the system automatically, even in the absence of the internet.
  • The PRO version is specifically designed to record matches on television or live streaming of shows when the internet is down.

6. Bandicam

Best screen recording software

Bandicam is a robust app meant for recording from the screen activities and also Gameplay. The quality of the recording is never compromised if you are using this app. There is a special technicality involved to get the recording done under a high ratio of compression, ensuring the video quality every time you shoot.

Features that make the application so much in demand are-

  • The app captures 120 frames of video in 4K ultra-HD quality in just 1 second.
  • If you get separate cards for capturing videos you will be able to record from different platforms like IPTV, APPLE TV, PlayStation, smartphones, etc.
  • You can take screenshots of the device screen in BMP, PNG, and JPEG formats.
  • Anything can be recorded by using this app, starting from an Excel sheet, full-screen of computer, website browsers to presentations on PowerPoint.
  • Every video you create by using your free record is awarded a watermark. To avoid that you need a premium version of the recording.

If you want to avail of the premium version of the Bandicam, there an onetime fee of $39.99 applicable on the same.

This app works great for maintaining a balance in the depth of the videos recorded. However, if you want to use this app, you need to have a Windows system.

7. Screencastify

Best screen recording software

Screencastify is a screen recording application that works as an extension for the Google Chrome browser. This is a one-point-solution for recording to both expert and novice in the field.

Seasoned features of the application are-

  • It takes images from the webcam, records the full screen or even a tab, also records audio narration from the microphone, all at once.
  • The tool for annotation in the app focuses only on the critical part of the recording.
  • The annotation tool comes with special features like a pen for highlighting a clipping, spotlight mouse, etc.
  • Whenever you record a video, the app will ensure the auto-saving of the file to Google Drive.
  • With this online software, you can upload your recordings to YouTube and also export then in different formats like GIF, MP4, MP3.
  • This is free for use.

8. ShareX

Best screen recording software

ShareX is software that comes with opensource for recording videos for free on both Windows and Linux PC. Some cool features you find here are-

  • There is no limit on the length of the recorded video.
  • The free app doesn’t apply watermarks.
  • You can choose whether to save the recording in video or GIF form.
  • Video sharing and uploading become easier with this software.
  • The software comes with a built-in tool for photo editing that makes modification of screenshots easier.
  • OCR tool reveals the texts on the video after capturing the same.
  • You can schedule a recording here.
  • The recording is possible even while you scroll through pages.

9. Filmora Scrn

Best screen recording software

Filmora Scrn is free software that allows simultaneous recording in two different devices. Some noteworthy features here are-

  • You can simultaneously record limitless videos from gameplay, microphone, PC screen, and webcam.
  • In 1 second, you can get about 15-120 frames.
  • The FPS is high making it suitable to record gameplay.
  • Improve the video quality for audience experience with the special annotation tool. It will also allow modifications in the color, shape, and size of the cursor.
  • There are several video editing tools in-built in this app.
  • More than 50 formats of files can be accessed for importing and exporting.
  • You can upgrade to a premium version by paying $29.99 annually.

10. Camtasia

Best screen recording software

Last but not the least, Camtasia, professional video capturing features in its free standard version. Important features here are-

  • Possibility to record audio, video, and personal elements to incorporate in the video.
  • The in-built tool for video-editing allows stocking of photos for future use.
  • The toll sidebar comes with effects panel.
  • Intro and outro segments can be added to the recording in no time.
  • the app allows the addition of animation, zoom in and out effects in the video recording in between slides.
  • PowerPoint recording and importing is permissible.
  • You can upgrade to a premium version more professional effect with a one-time fee of $249.

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We have discussed the best screen recording software in 2020 for screen recording. Understand what screen recording necessity you have and match the same with the features mentioned. Choose a recorder that matches your requirement the most. All of them are highly user-friendly, so you will likely face difficulty using them.

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