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Best Cloud Storage Options in 2020: The Top 6 in Use

Are you looking for the best cloud storage option? Let’s discuss what is trending in 2020. Our top picks are pCloud and Icedrive. But there are more and we will discuss all the 6 best options for your reference.

Nowadays, storing in the cloud space is getting more preference over on-site memories like online servers or hard drives. This is a modern concept of saving your files that has been gracefully adapted by the top organizations of the world. The trend of opting for these storage facilities took a surge as the market leaders like Google and Amazon took over the online market. The stronger these leaders perform in the online sector, the more number of businesses turn to these storage options to save their data.

There are over a million options in the market. How can you choose the best cloud storage from the crowd? For the data storage support, your business needs nothing but the best option.

We understand that it can get a little confusing while choosing the right option from the online sites. Hence, we have prepared our list of top 6 storage options in the cloud space. Refer to our top 6 picks and see which one suits your business the best.

What Do You Understand by The Best Cloud Storage?

Cloud is a bundle of substantial offsite servers where you can save your company assets like documents and files in a digital form. When you store your data like this, you form cloud storage for your company. One can use the servers even for storing personal data. Usually, one needs to hire or purchase such storage facilities from server hosts. The hosts own and operate these storage spaces and upon hiring a server hosting facility, give these devices to the companies to store their data.

The concept is very similar to any physical form of storage. There is only one difference between the two. While you can store tangible items in a physical store, the assets in a cloud device come in digital form only.

The 6 Best Cloud Storage Options in 2020

We have prepared our list of top 6 cloud storage services based on their storage capacity, compatibility with devices, and other features. Go through the list and decide on your favorite.

1. Icedrive: Our Choice for The Best Cloud Storage for Mobiles

Though Icedrive offers cloud service for websites, mobiles, and desktops, the mobile application definitely provides the best storage service. You can download the app from your Android/ Google Play Store or the App Store and save it on your mobiles or tablets. Regardless of the device and operating system you choose the application is super clean and easy to use. The interface is simple and ideal for newbies.

The benefits of using Icedrive doesn’t end here. It comes with strong encryption to provide you with maximum privacy and security benefits.

Mobile App Features:

  • Easy downloading and uploading facility
  • Presence of an in-built vector and document viewer
  • Option to play audio and media files through a custom media player
  • the backup wizard ensures complete device data backup
  • You can share and receive files or folders directly through the mobile application
  • The native application allows you to edit your documents
  • The client-side Twofish encryption system works like a bulletproof privacy policy

Storage packages:

There are three different packages that comes with different tiers of storage space-

  1. The Lite package comes with 150GB storage and costs $1.67 per month
  2. There is a Pro Package with 1TB storage and costs $4.17 per month
  3. The Pro+ Package with 5TB storage and costs $15 per month

On average, the monthly package starts from $4.99 per month and you can get the annual package at $19.99 per year. You can save a lot of money by opting for a lifetime plan for $59.

2. pCloud – The Best Cloud Storage That Offers Lifetime Access

pCloud is our second favorite when comes to cloud storage services. If you are looking for a storage option where you don’t need to bother about monthly payments and yet get lifetime access to the facility, this is the best choice. Once you start using their service you become a member of their user-base. Now you can enjoy the company of leading companies in the world like Nike, Uber, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Each of these companies and a million more have their data stored with pCloud.

Cloud Features:

  • The Cloud Storage service can be accessed from any device be it your desktop, mobile, or even online.
  • Offers easy receiving or sharing of files
  • Lifetime storage option in cloud space
  • Offers military-grade security encryption for additional charges

Storage Packages:

pCloud offers 2 package options, each with different one-time payment options for lifetime access of the cloud space.

  1. The Premium Storage package comes at a one-time payment of $175 and offers 500GB storage for a lifetime.
  2. The Premium Plus Storage package comes at a one-time payment of $350 and offers storage of 2TB for a lifetime.

Availing either of these plans is the best way to get access to a huge storage and increase the same slowly without having to pay every single month. You just pay one time and start saving your files. There is no monthly limit to your storage on the cloud platform.

If you don’t want to go for the one-time payement or lifetime storage option, you can choose the annual plans.

  1. There are two plans for individual cloud space that cost $47.88 per year and $95.88 per year for 500GB and 2TB respectively.
  2. For business collaboration, they offer a special package starting from $7.99 per user per month.
  3. For adding strong security encryption, you can opt for an additional once in a lifetime payment of $125.

3. Zoolz – For Long-Term Bulk Storage Options

Do you need a high-volume storage solution? Enterprises businesses usually require this kind of cloud space to store their files and documents. The best option in 2020 for bulk storage will be Zoolz. It is one of the best affordable options for high-volume storage. Added to the mass-storage facility, Zoolz also meets its security demands. The storage plans are very simple and traditional.

When we say buklk storage, what amount of storage space do you expect?

Believe it or not, they offer storage space as huge as 100TB for a single, three, or even five-year package. The price at which this is available might seem a little expensive, but when you compare it with other storage providers like Google Cloud or CloudIAN, you will see that it is the most affordable deal in the market. In fact, it is cheaper than getting buying hard drives to store your data.

Features of the cloud space:

  • One of the advanced features of the storage facility is its on-the-fly form of military-grade encryption of data security.
  • It uses smart algorithms for duplication.
  • You can easily deploy 1000+ users on this storage server.
  • There are advanced rules for users to access the files stored on the platform.
  • Get customized system alerts
  • Option to preview your backup files
  • Data stored here is continuously protected.

Storage Packages:

Zoolz offers 100TB cloud storage service for $30,000 when you take the space for 5 consecutive years. It definitely looks expensive. But think how many hard drives you would have bought to get that kind of storage! Also, how much would it cost then? For the services you get under the 5-year plan, the package seems reasonable. Once you buy the 5-year storage, you get-

  • 100TB storage for 5 years
  • Unlimited servers for unlimited users
  • There is no limit to internal network drives
  • The data restoration cost is zero
  • They don’t charge any support fee
  • Top-grade powerful security

4. IDrive- Known to Provide The Best Backup Support

Those who are familiar with the cloud storage concept are highly-acquainted with IDrive. It is a reputed company for its super backup services along with the fantastic storage facility. If you have access to IDrive, you can take a backup of every device you have, be it your mobile, tablet, or your desktop.

This storage facility is ideal for enterprise businesses that need mass-storage and backup support daily. It is not only about taking a huge backup and store the data. It is also about the safety of your database while they are on the store in the IDrive server. This is a trusted platform for storage support.

Cloud Features:

  • Of course, the primary feature of concern for IDrive is its backup facility. You can take the backup of everything over here.
  • IDrive comes with an Express tool that allows it to take the backup quickly and retrieve the same when needed.
  • Comes with free storage of 5GB

Storage Packages:

There are three basic storage packages available with IDrive.

  1. The Basic Plan is a free plan of 5GB storage that doesn’t come with an expiry time limit. There is no need to share your credit card details for verification if you are taking the Basic Plan.
  2. The IDrive Personal Plan is a plan for only one user but can be accessed from multiple devices. It allows storage of 5TB and 10TB in a year for a one-time payment of $52.12 and $74.62, respectively.
  3. For Businesses and Enterprises, they have their IDrive Business Plan that allows access to unlimited users from any number of devices or servers they use. This plan offers 250GB, 500GB, and 1.25TB storage in the first year for a one-time payment of $74.62, $149.62, and $374.62, respectively.

5. Sync – Best Cloud Storage for Industries That are Highly-Regulated

Do you need a cloud storage service that complies with PIPEDA, GDPA, or HIPAA? Is your industry heavily regulated? Go for Sync storage service. Sync has been specially designed for Canadian and European companies belonging to the healthcare or banking sector, where regulations are strong and need heavy data storage. Industries choose this cloud facility because of the strong security support.

Cloud Features:

  • End-to-end encryption features in the storage facility ensuring there is no third-party tracking.
  • Data over here are better protected with the two-factor authentication process, lockout with a remote device, and granular user permissions.
  • File receiving send is always protected with passwords.
  • Every file sharing comes with an expiry date for saving the data.
  • For every file shared for Sync, you get an e-mail notification
  • There is no limit to the number of files you can create on this platform

You can enjoy the storage facility to its fullest without worrying about any regulation from the Government. or with the fear of data theft. When you have Sync for your storage, you can blindly trust them for security.

Storage Packages:

Sync comes with three different storage plans, which are ideally suited for companies. None of the packages have any limit of number of file transfers.

  1. The Business Pro Teams Standard Plan costs $5 per month per user. It offers 1TB storage per user every year for 2-100 users.
  2. You can avail of the Business Pro Teams Plus Plan for $8 per month per user. Here you get 4TB storage per user per year for 2-100 users.
  3. Finally, the Business Pro Teams Advanced Plan comes for $15 per month per user and offer each of the users with storage of 10TB per year. The server can cater to 2-1000 users.

If you are not business personnel, you can opt for the individual plan, which is available at $8 per month for a 2TB storage space. If you want to travel the extra mile for the security of your data, this is the storage option for you.

6. LiveDrive – When You Need Remote Collaboration With Your Team

LiveDrive is a solution that came up for people who manage teams from remote locations. We understand collaboration with a remotely located team can be difficult, Hence we suggest LiveDrive. It gives access to your database from any place, any time, by anyone in the team. It is a smart choice for businesses, especially in 2020 when the majority of the employees are working from home. Moreover, you can get an unlimited backup offer from Mac or your PC.

Cloud Features:

  • One can access LiveDrive from any device that has internet connectivity.
  • Accessing, editing, and sharing files from this storage facility is very easy and secured.
  • You get unlimited backup support with the storage support.
  • Backups once saved in the cloud space can be restored on any device.
  • Comes with bank-grade security facilities with advanced technology for intrusion prevention.
  • 24×7 physical security support from the UK centers
  • Complies with SOX and comes with a certificate from SOC2

Storage Packages:

LiveDrive comes with two business plans that are ideal for small business organizations. All the packages allow backup from tablets, mobiles, Mac, or your desktop. If you want to extend your storage facility, it is available at an extra cost. In short, the facilities are ideal for remote collaboration, so that you can streamline your work smoothly.

  1. The Business Express Plan comes for $50 per month and allows 3 users and 2000GB storage.
  2. The Business Standard Plan comes for $160 per month and allows 10 users and 10000GB storage.

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Final Thoughts On The Best Cloud Storage in 2020

There are many options when it comes to storage on cloud space. We have listed our favorite ones in the above list. Apart from them, you can also use Google Drive if you are looking for a free cloud storage option on the internet. But you will have a maximum storage of 15GB by using this platform. Other similar platforms include Microsoft OneDrive for PC storage, Apple iCloud for Apple power operators, or Dropbox. By far Dropbox had been the most popular option worldwide. But if you want to access mass storage, the above list will help you the most.

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